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Our journey doesn't end with what we already know – it's a path of continuous learning and evolution.

As the dynamic landscape of work and the needs of employees evolve, so must our expertise. We understand the vital importance of staying up-to-date with the latest research, industry trends, and best practices. In this spirit of ongoing growth, we are excited to introduce our course outlines, designed to empower professionals like you with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the ever-changing world of human resources and workplace behavior.

Our courses are carefully curated to blend scientific research and practical application, offering you the insights and tools needed to create exceptional work environments, enhance employee performance, and drive overall well-being.


Unmasking the Silent Servant

Learning Objectives:

    • Define and identify imposter syndrome and its impact on individuals in the workplace.
    • Understand the psychological factors contributing to imposter syndrome.
    • Recognize how imposter syndrome affects job performance, mental health, and overall job satisfaction.
    • Explore the concept of servant leadership and its significance in today's workplace.
    • Differentiate between the ways introverts and extroverts experience and express servant leadership.
    • Develop strategies to combat imposter syndrome and foster a positive work environment.
    • Apply servant leadership principles to enhance team dynamics and collaboration.
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Instilling Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and understand the concept of psychological safety.
  • Recognize the benefits of psychological safety for individuals and organizations.
  • Identify the signs of a psychologically safe or unsafe workplace.
  • Understand the role of leaders and team members in fostering psychological safety.
  • Learn practical strategies and tools to create and maintain a psychologically safe work.
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Creating A Playful Feedback Culture

Learning Objectives:

    • Define and understand the concept of psychological safety.
    • Develop simple communication strategies to implement.
    • Determine what a playful feedback culture is.
    • Differentiate how to deliver and receive critical feedback.
    • Determine how to measure a playful feedback culture.
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Unlocking Talent Potential with The Predictive Index

Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the core principles of the Predictive Index and its role in talent optimization.
    • Recognize the benefits of using the Predictive Index in various HR and talent management processes.
    • Gain insights into how to use the Predictive Index for effective hiring, team building, and talent development.
    • Explore real-world examples of organizations that have successfully implemented the Predictive Index to achieve talent optimization.
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