Jonathan Bonanno, Ph.D. Candidate, MS, BS

I/O Psychologist | Executive Consultant & Recruiter | Thought Leader

My journey in healthcare began at the age of 16, sparking a professional path that would take unexpected turns from my initial aspirations. Despite my high school focus on becoming a plastic surgeon, a pivotal moment came during my senior year when I enrolled in a dual program to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). This decision led me into clinical rotations across various healthcare settings, where I gained firsthand experience caring for patients of all ages, from newborn pediatrics to hospice care.

Although I initially envisioned a clinical career, I soon realized it wasn't the right fit. The emotional strain and discomfort with certain aspects of the job, like handling blood and odors, prompted me to reassess my goals.

Choosing to defer college for a year after my freshman term, I transitioned into the corporate side of healthcare, starting my journey with some of the largest healthcare corporations in North America. In roles focused on people operations and implementation management, I led the execution of significant programs, such as Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies (REMS) for patients post-kidney transplant and those with severe schizophrenia. This experience not only allowed me to impact patients globally but also accelerated my growth as a leader.

After several successful years in corporate America, I ventured into dentistry, joining Performance Partners as Chief Operating Officer. Here, I expanded operational and HR divisions while providing practice management consultancy to dental professionals. My efforts included transforming the consultancy model into a Dental Service Organization (DSO) and launching Dental Virtual Support Solutions (DVSS), a virtual concierge service for streamlining front-office operations. As well as campaigns like US Dental Triage to connect patients to an open dental provider during the 2020 pandemic.

Driven by a desire for continuous growth, I immersed myself in a client's dental practice to better understand the industry's nuances. This firsthand experience proved invaluable, leading to the successful sale of the practice and further solidifying my expertise.

My career took another turn with the launch of Chief Psycho (formerly Cultura+Co.), a consultancy and recruiting firm rooted in psychology-based methodologies which now live under my new organization ZIA, I've leveraged my expertise to empower individuals and organizations, focusing on workforce optimization and organizational resilience by operating as a Talent Partner in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions for emerging DSOs and group practices.

Complementing my practical experience is an extensive academic background, including a Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (in candidacy), a Master of Science in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Additionally, I hold professional certifications as a Certified Talent Optimization Consultant, Certified Social Behavioral Researcher, and Certified Social and Behavioral Science Conduct Researcher.

Outside of my corporate endeavors, I'm passionate about fostering self-awareness and empowerment through group coaching programs. Rooted in my proprietary LAB Methodology and HUMAN values framework, these initiatives create environments of trust and mutual respect, driving personal and professional growth.

My journey in healthcare reflects a blend of clinical insight, corporate leadership, and psychological expertise. With a relentless commitment to excellence and a focus on empowering individuals and organizations; I aim to empower healthcare professionals to build resilient, high-performing, and psychologically safe teams.

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